02/11/2023 Paid Gag Crotch rope Suspension Roleplay

You can tie me up and do whatever you want to me

Preview length: 57:33
Extended preview
Paid video length: 54 Min

NanaYamiChan really wants a thing for a mobile game she is playing, but she cannot afford to buy it herself. The video starts with her begging her master to buy it for her, offering him to do anything he wants with her, if just he pays it...

He accepts and we next see her standing in a butterfly harness with her legs spread by a bamboo, and gagged with a harness gag. He proceeds to tie her hands on her back and tie them to the harness with a crotch rope. A neck rope is added, so she has to stand still.

And there is something which Master KindBond loves to do, but which NanaYamiChan hates: Tickling! There is no escape, she promised he could do anything he wanted, as he exchanges between tickling, pussy spanking and ordinary spanking, she twists around in what little give the ropes allow.

After a good while he removes the neck rope and instead suspends her upside down, with her feet tied wide apart. A new neck rope if connected to weights on the floor, pulling extra if she bends up. She gets more pussy spanking before he says "I think I could leave you like that to have fun on your own."

We get around 10 minutes with her hanging there upside down, struggling and testing her ropes, before he comes back to continue pussy spanking her and then he pulls out the big magic wand vibrator for some bound orgasms. He enjoys her pleasurable suffering!

Finally he continues the suspension transition. It goes a bit too fast after a long intense hanging upside down session, so she needs to lay kneeling on the floor while her body adjust before she is ready for being untied.

Video includes untying and a bit of aftercare, but most of the tying has been cut out in order to get straight from begging to the action. Main action is about 44 minutes.
Let us know if you think Master KindBond should get NanaYamiChan to practice begging more? (This video was his role play fantasy.)