Leathercraft Designed By Eivind

Our proud sponsor, Eivind, provides us with all the leather tools we use & need.

Contact info is at the bottom!

He's a master craftsman when it comes to leather & if you want leather belts, cuffs, collars, hitting thingies (whips etc, we got one small little leather thingy that's perfect for pussy spanking) you should contact him to get it DONE! (contact information at the bottom)

You can now check out a Link Library i've made with more videos where we use Leathercraft designed by Eivind! click showcase!


Below is a couple of links where we use items provided by
Leathercraft designed by Eivind (Serving the BDSM community since 1999):

Experiment: Doing bastinado on submissive girl tied to chair!

Girl in BDSM Bastinado & Nipple clamps predicament play! - Free Preview!

Page is under construction. More will come, as well as an image-map of all the items Eivind's made for us!


Contact & information to Leathercraft:

Cvr/Vat: DK 25049799 (denmark)

Email [email protected]



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