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The People who are Nanayamichan!

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To clarify, we're monogamous. No "sharing". Even with shibari, BDSM and all things like that.
Don't ask if he could "let me be with you" - not gonna happen - and don't ask if he can tie you, again,
Not gonna happen.
We can do shows, we can teach you and your partner, we can do a custom tailored movie, but that's that.

Now, to the point:

I'm a Swedish girl who's name is Nana who happens to really (Really!) enjoy Shibari and filming us doing different BDSM things!
Which is why we started our PornHub profile.
To be able to show whatever we want! And we wanna show something that's real.

Real scene play between two people in love, enjoying each other as we do Shibari and BDSM.
We might cut out some mistakes or fumbling, but as it is real play there is no second takes or reshoots,

And real play isn't a perfect script. We put the camera up and just do what we love.

  Nothing more, nothing less!

We like sharing footage, and hope that you'll enjoy what we've uploaded as much as we enjoyed doing it! ;)

My partner is Master KindBond. He is sort of the director - the one in charge when we are playing, and usually the one setting up the cameras in preparation to shoot what he intend to do to me.

I am his Rope Bunny and submissive as well as girlfriend & Life partner of course.(Now engaged as of 2022) And I am the editor, doing all the editing myself of the footage; into the videos and photos that ends up for the world to view.

So everything you see on PornHub, Our store, or the Shibari Shamanism YouTube is something I have selected to show (with approval from KindBond).

(I am working on some sort of gallery right from our homepage. But it's a work in progress.)

Aaand, more about me...

Studied IT, love tech. Can play a few instruments, love music in general. Really enjoy video games, code and editing.
Currently live in Denmark with my partner, who's a programmer and very skilled rigger as well as the love of my life!

I came up with the name Nanayamichan by putting a few things together, Nana (My name) adding Yami (which is japanese for Darkness, which I heard from One Piece; Yami Yami-no mi!) then the honorific "chan" which is used in japan for girls and loved ones (Might be more, don't take my word for it.) And there we go! Even though if we'd go by japanese name rules, it'd be "Nanayami-chan", buuut, I went with,

We film when we have time, and I edit during the days as long as time allows!


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