Order a custom video

So you want to order a custom video. Read this page through properly before ordering please!
And the fee is normally $10 per minute of scripted video. Well, we've never Not given a customer more than he or she paid for.

We always end up going way over time.
Latest, "wedgie suspension" we estimated to 110, ended up being 46min in total. So you will get your moneys worth.

If you decide you want to order a custom made video, contact us with as much information as possible in your request/script you send us.
We do not do fully nude, but topless is fine and stripping down to panties is fine.
We do not do normal intercourse (Vaginal or anal penetration) currently.

Our focus is BDSM! - Shibari, bondage, spanking of any body part, suspension, whipping, humiliation play, domination and yeah. BDSM things. Making Fantasies come true about abducting a cute girl that tries her best to resist or maybe just good plain old over the knee spanking! Hope that's clear enough haha

If we accept your custom video order, payment will be done before shooting starts. We will notify you when we're ready to start on your request, giving a date we're ready to film in advance. If you pay before that date, filming will commence and the video will be delivered in desired quality. Up to max 4k UHD.
We accept PayPal payments.

If you would want items we do not posses, you will have to pay for those items/clothes on top of the price of the video.
If you want an item/clothing we do not have, you pay for that item/clothing beforehand so we can order it. Then pay for the video when we get the item and are ready to film. (Optionally just pay in full immediately.)

We will give an estimate price based on the script we receive from you.

(Example, 10mins scripted video + a maid outfit that costs $20, then you pay $100 for the video and another $20 for the item. Same rule applies if there's any risk at all that we'll destroy clothing/items in the process. The worth of the item/clothing will be added to your amount.)

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