20/01/2024 Paid Spread eagle Struggle

Girl struggling in spiderweb bed tie

Paid video length: 27 Min

This was a custom request video:

It starts with NanaYamiChan (the girl) already tied in a spider web / spread eagle to her bed wearing shiny spandex body, leggings and high heeled bootlets, and we just enjoy watching her struggle on her own.

She is both happy for being tied, frustrated for not being able to move and exhausted from the way the mattress pulls her ropes back.

She really gives it her all for about 10 minutes (shown from two angles so about 20 minutes of footage).

Then Master KindBond (the guy) enters. He wants to be sure she is not faking it, and the best test for that is: Tickling!

Finally her reward: Pussy spanking and breath play to let her come.

No tying or untying in this video. Only the struggle, a bit of play and our usual goodbye message.