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2023 march 02

You can order custom treated rope from us now, but I have a limit to how many orders I can take. Email us to check if you can get a hemp rope fixed! Also in any color. Any color is possible.

(To the extent the material allows, but I got really good results with what I've tried. )

Email us! Hemp rope only currently, in 5mm or 6mm.

Edit: Also updated so that you can get into the months of 2023...


2022 november 24 at 14:00

We're up on:

Link to our Album: https://bondagebeacon.com/index.php?page=guest-nanaYamiChan


2022 november 22 at 18:30

The first 5k celebration vid is out!

POV S2: E1 - Bedtime dominance, spanking & fingering & THANKS-5kSubs!

Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph6374fc81c35f3

restarting the "POV" series, as we now have a GoPro to do POV with! Hope you'll enjoy! //Nana

2022 november 18 at 16:30

We've reached 5k subscribers on our PornHub! Which we'll of course celebrate with a video doing something new! It will be released on monday the 21st at 15:00/3pm GMT+1 timezone!
Twitter will as always automatically update when a video goes live! ;)
Thanks & thanks again for all the nice messages, comments, all the views and subs.
It means a ton. It means we can keep having this as a real daywork!
So keep watching, we'll keep delivering haha ;) Thanks again! <3

(We will probably make one more video though, so don't worry if the first one isn't your thing!)

New Camera!

We will attempt a triple angle shoot as we are getting our hands on a 3rd 4k capable camera! Not big news maybe but, it's also a better camera than what we're currently using. So POV videos will become better ;)


Videos not showing up on profile (resolved)

New pornhub videos that's currently unlisted on our profile, we've contacted support. But it works just fine through the link! Waiting for support to help. Meanwhile, Click below or go to this page in the PornHub library and it's the newest one! Also, another new one which is a rather long preview on this page.

This issue has now been fixed and all videos appear as they should on our profile!


New paid video!

Check the store, new paid video (2022 oct 27) a two parts video. 2nd part will arrive the 29th!


New page; Downloads!

Uploading a background picture you can download for free.


New Youtube Link! <Click> Youtube.com/ShibariShamanism

The red youtube icon on the imagemap still works, all old links still works! It's just, easier to remember this for everyone I bet ;)

Same as clips4sale.com/Nanayamichan is probably a whole lot easier to remember as well!
A link that works for our store, all old links works just fine, this one is just. As mentioned.

Click here to see our
"Celebrating 100 free vids & the amazing support"



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