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I will re-work this page and sort it as on youtube; Shibari Teaching, Practice and "Nanayamichan related".


(when I have time! meanwhile, it's all linked to below!)


Learn Shibari #1: - Single Column Tie
Learn Shibari #2: - Double Column Tie
Learn Shibari #3: - Bunny Tie
Learn Shibari the PRC2TK: - Peer Rope's 2TK!



Learn Shibari #2 - Double Column Tie! As well as all the common mistakes!

An in depth lesson about the double column tie! Learn Shibari #2 goes over 3 variations to do it as well as some extra stuff! Plus all the ways it should NOT be done!

- April

"Shibari Practice Session #2 - 2TK and hip harness face down suspension"

- March

"Learn Shibari #1 - "single column tie" lesson! Also how not to tie & common mistakes!" 31m42s

  • Link:
    An in depth lesson of how to do a single column tie & a square knot! If you're a beginner (or maybe even if you have experience already) this is a very good lesson to watch! KindBond goes through all the possible mistakes people make and all the things that can go wrong as well as also showing how to do the tie perfectly of course.


- January

"Butterfly harness Play (Suspension)"

"Practicing the butterfly harness (preparation)"


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