March 2023

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Shibari side suspension play (KC3TK for park bench pose)

Outtakes from youtube clip:
That for obvious reasons if you watch it, wouldn't be allowed on youtube.

Experiment: Rope walk in public forest; she's rewarded with an orgasm

An experiment tying a "rope walk" in a forest!

Hogtied girl in her new high heels

First hogtie/tying test of a new pair of boots we got!

Wife hogtied in bed - Amazing new tie

play in bed that we recorded for fun. didn't plan on sharing it but the tie turned out good.


- March Preview Videos

Preview: Spanking and Shibari - what do I have in my toy box?

Master KindBond (the guy) ties NanaYamiChan (the girl) in a TK and bend her forwards, so he can lift up her skirt for a good spanking. He then plays "what do I have in my toy bag", testing the different spanking toys on Nana.


Preview: Wax play - girl spanked, tied down and brought to orgasm

We did some wax play on a massage bench, the preview only features a 1 minute-ish teaser plus untying and an experiment cut out of the paid version!


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